Tennessee Football, Inc. (“Tennessee Titans” or “Titans”), in partnership with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (“Metro”), is issuing this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for the purpose of soliciting proposals from qualified firms (“Firms” or “Proponents”) interested in serving as the Construction Manager and leading a team to provide Preconstruction and Construction Management services as described in this RFP and associated exhibits in connection with  the  development  and  construction  of  a new, fully enclosed and conditioned National Football League stadium. ICON Venue Group, LLC (“ICON”) and Don Hardin Group, LLC (“DHG”) are assisting the Titans with running the RFP process on behalf of the Titans.

The intention at this time is to select a firm or firms care of a joint venture or proposed partnership to serve in the prime role as the Construction Manager. Eligible firms are prohibited from establishing exclusivity with subcontractor firms as part of this RFP process. Selection of subcontractors will occur following the selection of the Construction Manager. This two-step process is to ensure an open procurement process is followed in line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion and maximizing opportunities for local business enterprises.

Minimum Eligibility Requirement: Construction Manager 

The RFP selection process for the Construction Manager will be based on several factors, including the respondent’s relevant experience, recognized competence and integrity in the field, knowledge of the local market that serves the Nashville Stadium, forward-thinking approach, strength of staff designated for this Project, presence in the Nashville area, and demonstrated level of interest, as described in greater detail below.

Firms will not be considered unless the following minimum qualifications are met:

  1. Be properly registered with the Office of the Secretary of State of Tennessee;

Possess experience in the construction of similar stadium venues or major projects in the Nashville construction market, preferably having acted as lead construction manager or general contractor, including:

Firm must have completed at least the following counts of new construction and/or major renovation of professional and/or collegiate sport venues projects or other public assembly facilities: one (1) valuing over $500 million and two (2) valuing over $250 million in construction costs within the past ten years;

Firm must employ and commit at least one (1) senior staff member with extensive experience with the NFL and/or NCAA football design standards and/or other large professional sports venue design such as MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, FIFA;

Firm must employ and commit a Project Lead with extensive experience with professional sports and entertainment venues;

Demonstrate the financial strength and bonding capacity to provide bonding of not less than $1,500,000,000 in connection with the Nashville stadium project; and

Firm is able to start Pre-Construction work in August of 2023.

By completing this form, firms are confirming they meet the above minimum requirements.

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